Noto Gelato is built on a relentless passion for flavour and feeling.

Our authentic Italian gelato is lovingly handcrafted in Calgary by artisans with expert technique, using only the finest ingredients imported directly from Italia.


We pour our zeal into every recipe, such that each spoonful transports you into our beloved Italian lifestyle.

It’s effortless, yet luxurious. It’s easy going, yet spectacular. It’s gathering around a farmhouse table with family and friends on a summer’s eve. It’s enjoying a stroll through the city, taking in the scenes around you on your journey to nowhere in particular. And though the mouthful melts, the desire persists.


Enriched by family. Defined by history.

We believe taste truly connects us. It’s a means of experiencing life, and with the right combination, life can be enhanced by flavour and texture. That’s why we are adamant about quality, from the sourcing of our ingredients to the crafting of our recipes. The result is an elevation of flavour; creaminess, richness, and silkiness. Always authentic.

Noto Gelato. Savour the true taste of Italia.

Stefanna Spoletini

Enriched by her entrepreneurial family, Stefanna co-founded Noto Gelato to bring the authenticity of Italian gelato to Calgary. Mentored by her Uncle Dom, the pair have perfected the true taste of Italia. Her experience is broad, growing up around the food industry, as her father is one of the original co-founders of Calgary favourite, Spolumbo’s. Stefanna’s extended family are owners of beloved Pulcinella, Stromboli Inn, Villa Firenze, and Mercato. So you know you can expect the same authentic high-quality experience with Noto Gelato.

Uncle Dom

A top-tier Calgary chef classically-trained at the legendary Italian Institute for Foreigners in Castiglione d’Asti, Dom Tudda is the artisan behind Noto Gelato’s authentic taste. Crafting his early recipes in his restaurant, Pulcinella, he became obsessed with handcrafting the perfect composition. Travelling to Italy, Uncle Dom attended conferences to further learn the art of gelato from Italian experts. The result is incredible. From expert knowledge, and the finest imported ingredients, his vision for authentic Italian gelato has come alive.